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An underwriting spot is an announcement made on public/non-commercial broadcasting outlets in exchange for funding. These announcements mention the name of the sponsor and resemble traditional advertisements, however must follow non-commercial rules set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Donors who contribute funding can include corporations, small businesses, philanthropic organizations, charitable trusts and individuals. An underwriting spot can include the name and a message of appreciation either from the sponsor indicating its pride in the program or from the station indicating its thanks for the underwriter’s sponsorship.

If you provide a service or product then underwriting with KOBV is likely a great fit for you. Whether your investment is large or small you will know it reaches a highly-engaged local audience that will seek you out. We offer you the choice of many program rotations, allowing you the freedom to select the programming that will most economically reach your segment. 

Underwriting with KOBV identifies your organization as one invested in our community. Be awesome and support us today!

Sally Aiello
VP Business Development, KOBV


KOBV Underwriting Rates

Daily & Weekly Music Shows
Support our tastemakers and keep the vibes flowing! Create artistic energy for your brand by affiliating with your favorite.
$20 per show

Run of Schedule
This option reaches our total audience by rotating throughout listening periods.
$10 per day ($8/day for 30 days)

Paid Public Service Announcements
For non-profits only, these announcements rotate similar to Run of Schedule spots.
$8 per announcement

Customized Schedule
You may choose to support any number of KOBV programs at a variety of levels: 1 to 15 spots per day in a time period of 1 day to 52 weeks. We will work meet your needs and budget!

Support KOBV Bentonville Radio today. Thank you!

sallyaiello@gmail.com or info@bentonvilleradio.com